rewind part 1

We asked our consultants for the good, the bad and the ugly of this year’s Super Bowl ads:

ERIN BELL: Psy’s ‘pistachio’ ad was easy, goofy, fun. This is a good example of how to infuse life into a product that, on its own, is pretty boring. This ad follows a series of Millennial-targeted, funny spots created by the Wonderful Pistachio company and their sister-company-slash-agency Fire Station, including one about our old pal the Honey Badger.

PETE ROSE: The one I probably found most enjoyable was Tide’s ‘stain’ ad—in part because it pokes fun at exactly how ridiculous society has become in terms of turning any tiny little thing (a ketchup blotch, in this case) into the world’s biggest event. Love that she cared as much about football as he did (if not more) with the wink and the nod to the Ravens.

ISAAC BERNSTEIN: Audi’s ‘prom’ ad absolutely resonated with me, and, I bet, with other Millennials. Call it adjusted expectations: having the cool, expensive car (read: education, creds, etc.) doesn’t ensure that we get the girl (job/career, existential security). We’re trying, we have the black eye to prove it, and at the end of the day, we earned some self-worth. It really is a better story, anyway.