Nonprofit mission: Mars


We love great examples of innovation, particularly in the non-profit arena, which, until now, hasn’t always led the way. Check out the Inspiration Mars Foundation, a nonprofit created by Dennis Tito, the multi-billionaire who pioneered space tourism. He wants to send a married couple on a round-trip fly-by of Mars. The flight leaves January 5, 2018 and returns 501 days later.

The lucky couple will spend 17 months in a 14 x 12 foot spacecraft, with gobs of dehydrated food and urine recycled for drinking water. Romantic…

The purpose? To “inspire Americans to take advantage of this unique window of opportunity to push the envelope of human experience, while reaching out to our youth to expand their views of their own futures in space exploration.”

Far out!

Links: inspirationmars.org, usatoday.com, mirror.co.uk