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Four in 10 Indian households are vegetarian, and even those that aren’t typically go meatless a couple days each week. KFC is making the right move by joining peers Subway and McDonald’s in expanding their vegetarian offerings in this market. Who’s up for a Paneer Zinger?!

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A recent Quartz article, American teens don’t hang out at malls anymore. They eat at restaurants, echoes themes we’re following in our TRU Youth MONITOR.

The author, John McDuling, highlights Piper Jaffray’s 2014 teen behavior study:

Restaurants have become a gathering place and teens are increasingly suggesting they prefer dining out to other forms of status brand spending. We see restaurants as the next generation hang out for teens.”

Our culturally connected Youth Streetscapers talk about this in TFC’s newest quarterly deliverable, TRU Talk. One teen explained that a trip to Chipotle is for far more than a burrito; it’s about the time and experiences shared with friends. This sentiment is reflected in our TRU Youth MONITOR data, which showsthat young people value experiences over luxury and status goods.

Click here for more information about TRU Talk.

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Girls at Evanston Middle School are fighting for the right to wear leggings, apparel which is currently prohibited by the school’s dress code based on concerns about their sex appeal. The teens picked a day to collectively break the dress code and wear leggings in protest, and they’ve started a petition that has more than 500 signatures.

This is an impressive example of our 2014 TRU Youth MONITOR Theme “Girl Uninterrupted.” This theme describes how teen girls are taking on the world confidently, competently and capably, and often impacting businesses in the process (see Corporate giants no match for girl power). The activism at Evanston is especially interesting because dress codes are an issue for a lot of teens, and the success of this protest could inspire other teens to push back on rules they see as unfair.

We talk more about Girl Uninterrupted and other 2014 TRU Youth MONITOR Themes in our Key Findings Presentation, available to TRU Youth MONITOR subscribers.

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A company that is almost synonymous with “morning coffee” is not only expanding its food offerings but also adding a new kind of beverage. Beginning at 4:00PM, the “Evenings Menu” at some Starbucks locations will offer wine and beer in order to increase sales during that time of day.

With 26 stores debuting the “Evenings Menu,” and others coming soon due to its success, Starbucks is moving quickly to get more from its “after 4” crowd. At the same time, the chain has no intention of trading its identity as a café for that of a bar.

Will Starbucks turn into the next “drinks after work” spot? Just don’t forget your ID!





The UK Blood and Transplant Service recently decided to include alcoholics on the liver transplant waiting list, signalling a far more compassionate approach to the complexities of personal health.

In the past, the UK organ debate has revolved around blame and value judgments. Previously, a patient deemed likely to return to old drinking behaviours was denied a liver transplant. With this change in the National Health Service, we can expect a more inclusive and less moralising approach to the health care of the vulnerable.




Kate what's cool

If you had to come up with a list of things that are popular with teens right now, you’d probably include Snapchat, selfies and EDM. But would you think of adding “strong eyebrow game” and Pokémon to your list? Recently, Reddit users asked teens what they’re into, and all of the above made the list. Take a look at some of the other things teens say are cool these days—don’t feel bad if you have to Google a few—and check out the full list in the links below:

  • Vineyard Vines clothes
  • Kik (messaging app)
  • HUF socks
  • Vape pens
  • Black hi-top Converse
  • Brandy Melville
  • Galaxy print
  • Sperrys
  • Rip Curl clothing
  • Leggings
  • Tank tops on guys
  • Not being on Facebook




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